Why You Should Take Your Child to an International School in Bangkok

If you are an expatriate or a person who regularly moves from one country to another, finding the right school can be a challenge. This explains the increasing repute of international schools Bangkok, as they assure you of a quality education that is uniform across many parts of the world.

The following are the top reasons why you should take your child to an international school in Bangkok.

Smooth Transition

Most international schools in Bangkok use a curriculum that is accepted globally, mostly the International Baccalaureate. Thus, students admitted from overseas institutions do not need time to familiarise to a new format. This saves the time that would have otherwise been used for adjusting to a new syllabus.

Low Population

International schools usually have a low population density, especially when contrasted to regular learning centres. This means that a teacher does not get overwhelmed during lessons, increasing their effectiveness.

Holistic Teaching Methods

Another reason for joining an international school is the teaching methods they employ. Instead of overemphasising classwork, thy also allocate time to teach life skills. This is critical in making students into holistic individuals with a character that can withstand adverse situations.

Exposure to Different People

International schools admit students from various backgrounds.  Interacting with different people teaches your youngsters to appreciate others and recognise the dynamism of culture.

Advanced Facilities

International Schools in Bangkok have advanced facilities to help in teaching. For example, stocked libraries ensure that students can research and further their understanding of what is taught in class. Likewise, having equipped labs enables scholars to get a better grasp of scientific concepts.

Extracurricular Activities

The majority of international schools in Bangkok offer outdoor activities such as field trips, art, and sport. Field trips are mostly useful in enhancing sociability, as the scholars get the opportunity to mingle with society.

Additionally, art and sport are in refreshing the mind after hours of continuous classwork. They also improve teamwork and more importantly, ensure that your child has sound mental and physical health.


Light House Schools recommends studying in Bangkok if you want to get a quality education for your kids.

If you are looking for international school in Bangkok, KIS International School Bangkok is the best mid-sized IB World School in Thailand offering International Baccalaureate Programmes.

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